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9 November 2022,02:22

Trading Blog

Top Benefits To Forex Trading

9 November 2022, 02:22

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Before you start trading forex, it is key to understand the reasons why you choose to do so. Check this article to find out the top benefits of forex trading.

The Forex Trading Market Is Large And Global

With trillions of dollars being traded each day, the forex trading market is the largest financial market worldwide. Forex transactions can easily be completed in milliseconds, and it is an even larger market than the shares, indices, commodities and bonds market with a large scope for profitability. 

The Forex Trading Market Is Beginner-friendly

The forex market is relatively easy to access as compared to other trading markets. It also does not require a large investment capital and prevents beginner traders from making major losses, hence it allows more room for practice. 

However, it will also be more advantageous if beginner forex traders can gain more knowledge and understanding about forex trading. It will be worthwhile to do some reading on forex trading fundamentals, tips and even common mistakes that you should avoid in your trading journey. 

We also offer free demo accounts to allow beginner traders to practise forex trading without risk before they actually start it. Beginner traders would have the opportunity to brace themselves for any challenges they might face beforehand as demo accounts are to stimulate a live trading environment. Most forex brokers provide demo accounts and you might want to consider starting a demo account with PU Prime.

Are You Ready To Learn More About The Forex Trading Market?

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The Forex Trading Market Is Open 24 Hours A Day

Trading forex can take place directly between two parties through a brokerage platform, unlike other forms of trading which have to go through a centralised exchange party. Because of that, trading hours for forex do not limit to the opening hours of a centralised exchange system. Due to the international time zones, at least one market is open at any point of time across the world and you can still trade forex at any time you like. 

Learn more about the best forex trading hours here.

Leverages Magnify Your Gains In The Forex Trading Market With A Low Transaction Cost

Forex brokers usually earn profits from spreads, which equates to the difference between the prices of currencies they are bought and sold at, and they are usually very low. Hence, the cost of transactions in the forex market is low, unlike other trading markets. 

In the forex market, leverages are available to allow traders to open large position sizes despite a small capital outlay. You can decide the leverage ratio for your own trade and if you have chosen a leverage ratio of 100:1, your profits will be magnified 100 times. Hence, you do not have to worry about not earning a significant amount of profits with a small capital outlay as you can consider using leverages to your advantage in the forex market, if you do your planning properly. However, it should also be noted that leverage amplifies risk as well as reward. Any potential losses will also be magnified proportionate to your leverage – so proper risk management like setting stop-losses is important.


To sum up, there are many benefits that forex trading offers and you can start trading forex with PU Prime with several simple steps! You may want to check out the different types of trading accounts we offer and register your interest with us.

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